Objecting the planning application

The planning application
Ref: BH2021/04167


The St William, Berkeley Group planning application has finally been submitted. The scheme features a conglomeration of densely packed, tall buildings up to 12 storeys high, that will overwhelm the natural and historical landscape of East Brighton. 

Advice from Brighton Planning dept. on what makes a valid objection:

If like us, you think this St William Berkeley Group application is unacceptable, please make your voice heard. It Will make a difference.

How to submit an objection

What other Brighton groups think about the St William Berkeley Group application:



Here is a list of objections to inspire you

Letters of objection should be sent to Chris Swain, Planning Team Leader, City Development & Regeneration, Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ, quoting reference BH2021/04167 

If you are in a hurry just copy and paste a couple of the below objection points into the template objection letter and add a few words of your own and send the letter to the above.

List of possible objection paragraphs:

This design ignores these preferences. Ninety percent of the planned 495 dwellings will be two or fewer bedrooms, more appealing  to foreign investors and those looking to invest in holiday flats than to local residents.