AGHAST Demands

Health of the Community

We want the development of Brighton Gasworks to have no negative effects on the health of any Brighton resident. This requires that the contaminated areas of the site must not be disturbed, so that no toxins are released into the air or groundwater. Building should deploy methods that do not require the land to be deeply excavated. Land under and around the gasholder tanks and retort house might need to be designated as too contaminated for use. The use of all parts of the site should be decided on the basis of comprehensive testing before full planning permission is granted.


In line with the stated aims of City Plan 1, the buildings should be sustainable, and built using sustainable methods to `contribute to radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and resource use….. and minimise demolition and construction waste’.

We want the height, massing and density of the buildings to fit within a sustainable concept, allowing green space, green roofs, solar panels and other sustainable features. We believe that a low-rise, high density development of this nature will provide housing that will benefit and enhance the built and natural environment of East Brighton for generations to come.

We also believe that such buildings should complement Brighton’s regency heritage, remaining in keeping with the character of the city.


We want the development of the Brighton Gasworks site to help alleviate the housing crisis by providing both social and genuinely affordable housing. City Plan 1 calls for 30% of the housing on this site to be affordable. We support this, and also want there to be social housing on an area equivalent to the two pieces of land currently owned by the Council.

Throughout this process of agreeing the development of the site, we demand that the Community is fully consulted and enabled to participate in the process. We commit to, and expect, transparency in all dealings.

We want our Council to listen to our case, to hear what all objectors have to say, and to be mindful of its responsibility for the health of local residents and children above all other considerations.