Every campaign needs a name. Ours is AGHAST

- Action on Gasworks Housing Affordability Safety and Transparency -

We are a growing group of concerned residents who live around the Gasworks site in East Brighton. We are not a homogenous group: we represent long-time residents and recent arrivals; renters and homeowners; young families and retired households; business people, commuters, the self-employed and stay-at-home mums. What we share is profound concern about the current plans put forward for consultation by the developer for the Brighton Gasworks site at the heart of our community.

Building a better future for our community

We believe the development of the Brighton gasworks site could benefit our community in many ways, helping to alleviate the housing crisis, creating a community hub and adding to the architectural and natural beauty of our city. However, we have a number of concerns regarding the developer’s proposal as it is clearly seeking to maximise profit over community benefit. Building a better future for our community will require a far more equitable balance, and assurances that the development of this contaminated site will pose no risk to local residents.

NEW (Dec 2020)

We now have some facts about the poisons in the ground at Brighton Gasworks, and their likely effects on people living nearby ... read more

Statement from Nancy Platts and Gill Williams, Labour Councillors for East Brighton

We are available to support residents in getting answers to your questions and ensuring your voices are heard.  

We know from the emails and calls we have already received that many local people are concerned about decontamination, the size and scale of the proposed development, whether there will be affordable housing the impact on the existing community.

We have already expressed our concerns to the developers about the need for social and genuinely affordable housing and not more high cost housing that is bought for investment purposes by people living overseas.  We need proper homes for local people on local wages who will use local shops and services. 

Contact Nancy at Nancy.Platts@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Contact Gill at Gilliane.Williams@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Statement from Nichole Brennan, Independent Councillor for East Brighton

I am really pleased that the community are speaking out and I fully intend to support this Campaign as your local Councillor.

Contact Nichole at Nichole.brennan@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour for Kemptown

Lloyd's letter dated 31/07/20 refers to AGHAST's second public meeting held in East Brighton Park.

Dear Residents,

I am sorry I couldn't be at your meeting today concerning the GASWORKS DEVELOPMENT.

Let me start by saying I have been encouraged by seeing the active involvement of so many in our community online which I am sure will have translated to participants here today in the park.

I want to be clear. We need more housing in the city . We have an unacceptable waiting list for social housing and huge pressures in the private rented sector. I also support developments in brownfield sites as a priority to any greenfield sites. With that said I am deeply concerned that any development should satisfy a number of requirements.

Firstly, any private development should have at a minimum, 40% social housing, ensuring that we don't just have luxury flats for part-time holiday makers or more AIRBnBs in our city. We need appropriate housing for those that need it now.

Secondly, that any development fits in with the character of an area, especially when it comes to building in historic areas such as Kemptown.

The development should also take into account the changed world that we now live in and understand that people need more space in their flats, with balconies and green spaces that have been so acutely highlighted during Covid.

And finally, for a development of this size, developers consult properly with the community and incorporate feedback into their designs in a meaningful way.

I would also place a caveat on these things. I am only an ordinary citizen when it comes to any planning application and my status as an MP does not give me any powers in the process. What I can do however is help co-ordinate the community to better campaign for they want.

This will be the first test of the new GREEN administration as to what type of city they want BRIGHTON and HOVE to be, so I would encourage anyone who lives locally to write to your three ward councillors in ROTTINGDEAN COASTAL WARD, Or EAST BRIGHTON WARD. Write also to the chair of the PLANNING COMMITTEE and LEADER OF THE COUNCIL and make sure your views are known.

I will continue to feed back concerns to the developers and work with you all to achieve the best possible outcome for this site.



Comment from Samer Bagaeen, Conservative Councillor for Hove Park

The scheme can and should be much, much better and we need to find how to ensure that what we want is delivered.

"Good to see this group go from strength to strenghth" 04.09.20

Contact Samer at samer.bagaeen@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Mary Mears, Conservative Councillor for Rottingdean and Coastal, has offered to meet residents when an application to develop the Gasworks site is made, and both Bridget Fishleigh, Independent Councillor for Rottingdean and Coastal, and Joe Miller, Conservative Councillor for Rottingdean and Coastal, are unable to comment as they both sit on the planning committee.

Concerns can be raised with any of these Councillors by residents