Brighton Gasworks development image denoting storey heights

Hyper-development - Berkeley image denoting storey heights

The current proposal

**UPDATE: PLANNING APPLICATION EXPECTED IN NOVEMBER** We will be coordinating objections through this group. Please get in touch if you would like to help

St William, part of Berkeley Group, proposed to build around 700 flats in 9 tower blocks, up to 15 storeys high, on the contaminated Brighton gasworks site. The development will be marketed in the UK and abroad. St William intends to make a planning application in Spring 2021.

Brighton Gasworks - the site

Brighton Gasworks - the site

Brighton Gasworks - contaminated land

Contaminated land

Local population exposed to contaminates

People exposed to toxins

Risking health problems

Unsuitable overdevelopment

Foreign investment not affordable, sustainable homes addressing B&H needs

Putting Profit over People

Brighton deserves better

Question: In the image which structure holds more dwellings?
Answer: As you probably guessed they both hold exactly the same number of dwellings.

As you can see from The Brighton Society image, a low rise development can accommodate the same number of housing units as the high-rise alternative. The difference being that a low-rise development is better for the community, can be built as sustainable housing using sustainable methods, fits within the local built and natural environment and remains in keeping with the squares and terraces of Regency Brighton. If primarily located in the southern half of the site (which we understand to be less polluted), it would provide much needed housing without the dangers inherent in digging up and treating highly toxic soil.
On this website visit our Alternative vision page and see how other neighbourhoods have created real communities with sustainable and well thought out development.

Who are AGHAST & what are we doing?

We are a growing group of concerned residents who live around the Gasworks site in East Brighton. We share serious concerns about the imminent planning application by the Berkeley Homes’ St William group for the Brighton Gasworks site at the heart of our community. We are raising money to pay for an independent assessment of potential health impacts on local residents of releasing the toxins on the site into the air, soil remediation advice and planning consultancy.
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AGHAST - meetings, meetings, meetings!


AGHAST - presenting deputations and questions at council meetings

Deputations, questions and letters to B&H council

AGHAST - have been campaigning against the developers current proposal on 3 main concerns.


AGHAST - Research, research, research!


AGHAST - have been asking questions. Let's hope they are the right ones!

Asking questions...

AGHAST have been working closely with experts in their field

working with experts

Our three demands based on protecting people. Not profit over people.

To afford the expertise that will help our community fight the unsafe & inappropriate hyper development of the Brighton Gasworks site please donate to our Crowdfunder