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Dear Friends and Neighbours,

The upcoming by-election for a new Councillor in our area provides us with a unique opportunity to show our community’s opposition to the current plans to squeeze 16 tower blocks up to 12 storeys high onto the highly polluted gasworks site.

I live on Eastern Road and am standing as an INDEPENDENT.

I’ve spent the last two years campaigning against the Berkeley Group’s grossly, insensitive plans to overdevelop the dangerously toxic former gasworks site on Roedean Road.

As a member of AGHAST (Action on Gasworks Housing Affordability Safety and Transparency) I have worked closely, with 15 other community groups, to hold the Council to account by insisting that Brighton’s own City Plan is adhered to, by setting strict limits on the height and density of the buildings, and by ensuring that locals are fully protected against the threat of toxic dust and gases.

Send The Council & The Berkeley Group Very Clear

The Gasworks proposals are

unacceptable because:

  • The Site is Too Toxic

  • The Buildings are Too High and Too Dense

  • There will be No Affordable Housing for Locals.

Some Green Party Activists say we are NIMBYS. We are not. We want the site to be developed safely, but only with full regard for our health and that of our children. We have been horrified by the experiences of residents in London’s Southall, where the same developer has been building on a gasworks site. For four years locals there have experienced over-powering petrol-like smells, headaches, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, eye problems, asthma and other serious breathing difficulties which they attribute to the toxic dust and gases from the site. We have some ten schools in the area with exposed playgrounds and playing fields, within range of the site, and our hospital, filled with vulnerable patients.

We desperately need more affordable housing for local people not tower blocks built for absent investors or holiday lets. And since this scheme will only provide 160 parking spaces for 553 new households, (just 30% of what is needed), our area will experience serious parking and congestion problems.

During the seven, or more, years of construction many local businesses could be badly affected as tourist numbers are likely to dwindle as people avoid the foul smells and dust in the area.

Many hundreds of you have voiced your objections against this development that will dwarf the residential streets and damage our beautiful heritage assets such as Sussex Square and the surrounding Kemp Town Estate. It will displace thriving businesses with the loss of over 200 jobs. I will work hard to make sure that your voices are heard, and that they count for something.

Jean Hunter, a former Labour Councillor, and fellow Member of AGHAST, who lives on the edge of the gasworks site said “Stephen would be a brilliant Councillor and I hope our community will get behind him. We value our health, and that of our children.

About Me: Living on Eastern Road, in the heart of our community, I know what the everyday experience of life here is really like: from the beauty of the South Downs National Park, fresh sea air, and remarkable architectural heritage to the overflowing bins, rat runs and all.

As a BAFTA-nominated television producer, with a wide variety of financial and commercial experiences including running my own business, I have been trained to listen carefully to people’s real concerns. I will work for the people in our community who want - and deserve - to live in a clean, well-run, financially stable city.

I have never been a member of a political party and feel compelled to stand to show the strength of local support against the current plans for the Gasworks - and because our area doesn’t have a Councillor who actually lives here.

The previous Conservative Councillor, Joe Miller, whose resignation sparked this by-election, lived outside the city, and in the face of so much damning evidence against this current planning application, declared himself in favour of it.

Please vote for the candidate who, free of the political parties that continue to fail us, understands the local issues inside and out. You already have one highly effective Independent, Bridget Fishleigh, who gets things done. Last year she was short-listed in the UK’s Councillor of the Year awards. Together we could work to help improve energy efficiency, sustainable transport and waste recycling. We want to make the planning process more democratic by helping local residents get your voices heard by the Council on all the issues that really matter to you.

Don’t waste your vote on a political party – be Independent and get things done!

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