So, what can we do? We believe in the impact of people power – that we can make change happen here by working together as a community and showing the developers and our councillors how many of us care about seeing something better happen on this site.

At this time (Berkeley / St Williams have not yet submitted their planning application) there are 2 simple actions you can take to help:


Donate a bit of time: We have been advised by planning experienced councillors, activists and officers that it is worth our time at this point making clear to Berkeley the level of opposition they are facing from within the community. The more noise we make now, the more likely they will be to adjust their plans fro the site. Please write to them – this can be a short tweet, email or letter (contact details below).

What might you say? Feel free to copy or (better still!) edit or develop any of the points depending on your point of view.

  • I have serious concerns about the massing, height, density of a hyper dense development on this site. The massing and layout will significantly shade the development throughout and surrounding streets and increase issues with wind tunnels, damaging property, unsustainably increasingly traffic and negatively impacting local quality of life.

  • The high rise design is completely out of keeping with the prevailing low rise, family oriented community of the local area. It doesn’t meet the City’s Design Guide and will be a blight on the local landscape.

  • Dense, high rise housing doesn’t serve the housing shortage in this city as it will not meet housing need for families and ordinary working professionals who want family friendly, affordable housing.

  • There is a world-scale recession forecast from next year. Brighton doesn’t need more empty properties, or property whose purchase that can only be financed by overseas investors, also likely to remain empty, hollowing out the neighbourhood.

  • This is a highly toxic site and, looking at development and the civil suit around your sister development in Southall, we have no confidence in your ability to carry out the remediation works in a way that doesn’t have significant and long-lasting impact on the health and quality of life of local residents.

Please send your letters / emails / tweets to:

St William Berkeley Group
FAO Alison Dowsett, MD St William
cc: Rob Perrins, Chief Executive Berkeley Group
cc: Sean Ellis, Executive Director Berkeley Group

St William Homes LLP
Berkeley House
15b St George Wharf

Twitter: @BerkeleyGroupUK
Tel: 020 3725 8980


Donate a bit of money: We are crowdfunding to pay for the fees of a professional Planning Consultant who will support us to write a legal objection to the site proposals. Putting us as a community on a more level footing with the powerful developers, so we can fight our corner. We are committed to absolute transparency in the spending of this crowdfunding, and accounts will be available on request.
If you would like to donate but can’t do this on line, please get in touch on